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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check out the Parted Magic LiveCD. It has several disk wiping apps that you can choose from, and it also comes with hexedit.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    thank you. This looks like it will do everything i need.. once i get it up and running i am sure i will be asking for more specific help on the actual scripting part.


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    Found SLAX.. I like it.. the shred command works great. I just need a hex editor that will read the entire drive (not a file).

    Currently I have to wipe with either a DOS based program, or shred (in SLAX), then have to reboot the computer and load a WIN 7 PE so that I can run the HxD.exe hex editor.

    Want it all in one program. Load Slax, have it open the HEX editor and then wipe the drive. After it wipes, close that terminal screen and view the HDDs to make sure they are clean.

    SHOULD be simple.

    I tried using WINE, and running the HxD, but it doesn't reconize the drives properly.

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    You can use hexedit. Just use the drive id (as in /dev/sda) as the file name. There is also hexdump, which you can pipe thru the 'less' command in order to view the contents of the drive. IE: hexdump /dev/sda | less
    In fact, you could use hexdump and pipe the output thru a filter, like grep, to find anything that was not null.
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    hmm.. i started looking at that after i posted last.. i was thinking maybe i could do a hex dump of the drives to a TXT file after it has been wiped (using random characters andwe HAVE to physically verify by hand.. annoying isn't it?)... The question would be how to get it to dump all HDDs on the system. (running workstations with 4 sata drives)...

    so a hexdump to a text file after it wipes and then autoload the text file, one for each drive found.

    Hexedit only does up to 2 GB. I already tried that. We are running up to 1.5T drives.

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