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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolda2000
    The unelegancy of Java is mainly because it was designed with a lot of implicit assumptions. . . .
    Well, to each their own. All the points you make sound like personal preferences to me. In that vein I'll say that to me personally Java is *much* more elegant than a C/C++ language since it's Object-oriented from the beginning, unlike C++ which simply added OOP as an afterthought or C which has no objects whatsoever.

    C is another elegant language. The underlying architecture of C (the i386 CPU architecture, for example) isn't very elegant, but the language itself is a very elegant code generator, even though it might be generating code for an inelegant platform.
    I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about here. I've written C programs for UNIX-based platforms and it's anything but "elegant" IMHO. As for code generation, I don't use code generators in C, so the "elegance of code generation" would probably depend heavily on what code generator you used.

    BUT as this thread was originally talking about Java IDEs and I inadvertently turned it into a Java vs "insert language here" discussion, I think I'll leave it at that. Apparently you prefer C/C++ and Lisp. I like C/C++ just fine but don't consider Java "inelegant" in comparison. To each their own.
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    It's not really a personal preference, unless you call Occam's Razor a personal preference.

    But I'll stop here, since this has really gone OT.

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    I like java, actually it could say it's my favorite developing language. So far, i've used C++, Visual Basic, C, PowerBuilder and i just believe, personally, that java adapts perfectly to what i must accomplish. I used the new C# .net for some uni projects, and it is so much like java that it seems MS just couldn't stand having something better done by another company, so they came up with a whole framework that so far runs smoothly only in 2k and XP. What a waste of time and money. I'd rather stick with java, you can get an IDE and get java for free @ sun and start learning. Somehow this opinion of mine now reflects my standing position about MS, since i now adore GNU/Linux and anything related to Java.

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