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    Sending binary data to bluetooth with terminal


    Newbie here using centos 5, want to send a sets of binary data to other bluetooth device I know how to sent a file but dont know how to sent raw data. My case is like this I have a bluetooth device I need to send data to then after it process I need to get it back, I plan to do this all using terminal is that possible?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

    Thank you.

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    First, you need to understand bluetooth protocols. Consider it a wireless USB device. Each device behaves according to certain rules, but each class has differences (storage, hid devices such as headsets & mice, etc). So, what are you trying to communicate with? What have you tried so far? What distribution+version of linux are you running? What kernel?
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    Hi thanks for your reply rubberman,

    I am using Centos 5.5, i am trying to send data to my robot as a command the robot is equip with a bluetooth to RS232 converter so that the microchip can easily accept the data.

    Now I have tried cat > (path to my device) but in this way i cant send a commnad like 00001100, then I tried minicom but dont know how to send raw data cause every site that i cam across all is setting the phone as modem etc etc but none is sending raw data such as binary number.

    I have also tried using pure java language but later found out it is too troublesome so I am looking into using only terminal of centos.

    Thank you in advance.

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