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Thread: Using gcov

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    Using gcov


    I am using gcov to get code coverage for my program written in C++, I am able to do it without any problem when i don't have a directory structure, for my program I have a directory structure as below

    ./src/ -- containing all my source files
    ./obj/ -- containing all my object files
    ./header/ -- containing all my header files
    ../../lib/  -- containing a static library, which will be used by 
                    my program 
    there is a makefile in the current directory which creates my executable

    do i need to compile the static library also with the options of gcov i.e. -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage, because it is the library that i need to check for coverage.
    Kindly help on how use gcov in this situation.

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    See the --opject-directory option for gcov. You can tell it where your object and source files are with that. There is also the --preserve-paths argument so it will use the complete path information when creating the profiles. From the gcov man page:
               Preserve complete path information in the names of generated .gcov files.  Without this
               option, just the filename component is used.  With this option, all directories are used,
               with / characters translated to # characters, . directory components removed and ..
               components renamed to ^.  This is useful if sourcefiles are in several different
               directories.  It also affects the -l option.
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