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    strncpy core dump.

    Prog-1 works fine. But not Prog-2. It gives core dump. Can you pls help.
    char str1[]= "To be or not to be";
    char str2[6];
    strncpy (str2,str1,5);
    Printf(XYZ, "%s(): strncpy str2 = %s \n", __FUNCTION__, str2);

    Output: To be
    char scl_ofile[] = "/mnt/ttt.mp4";

    int abc(char * filename)
    char *args1[] = {"abc", "25", "ttt.h264", ""}; //I need this frame work.

    Printf(XYZ, "%s(): strncpy args1[3] = %s \n", __FUNCTION__, args1[3]); //It prints fine.
    strncpy(args1[3], filename, 50); //Looks like core dump is happening here.Changing it to the exact size of 12 also did not work.
    Printf(XYZ, "%s(): strncpy args1[3] = %s \n", __FUNCTION__, args1[3]); //Nothig is printed
    // pqr() //to send as main(argc,argv) type
    Last edited by sdsjohnny; 09-16-2010 at 01:32 AM. Reason: Instead of strncpy, I used strn1 = strn2 like in CPP. It works.

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    When I used strn1=strn2 like in CPP, it works fine. But I did not understand, why strncpy won't work line in regular C.

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    In this line:
    strncpy(args1[3], filename, 50);
    you have a couple of problems that wlil cause a core dump.

    1. args1[3] is the empty terminating member "". It is only 1 char in size (for the NUL byte), yet you are copying up to 50 chars there.
    2. args1[] is an array of char pointers, yet is initialized with string literal values, which, depending upon the system and compiler flags, may not be writeable.
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