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    Netbeans cannot find stddef.h after upgrade

    Hello all,

    I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10. All was going well until netbeans started throwing up errors about not being able to find the "stddef.h" header being called from the stdio and stdlib headers. Now I am unable to even initialize variables without failing.

    I was using 6.9.1 from the netbeans website, but then I installed 6.9 from the repos alongside, and I still get the same error. Do I need to remove 6.9.1 ( I would rather remove it and keep the repo version), and if so, how do I do it?

    Does anyone know where the stddef.h file is located so that I can replace it, or know of any work around?

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    Netbeans is a java software development environment. The file stddef.h is a C header file. Please post the exact errors you are getting and what applications you are running when they occur. I assume you are trying to run netbeans, but just want to be sure that is the case.
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    He must be using netbeans with c/c++ support.
    I have the same problem too.
    I build a project in C and I need stddef.h.
    Ubuntu 10.10 does not have this header...
    Any workarounds?
    Why is it not included?

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    ok look at hxxp://

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