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    Linux Hanging Problem

    Dear all,

    I am using Pthread concept for developing my application Some times my system is getting hanged while the code is running and as soon as I am Pressing CTRL + C it is coming out of the code and system is going to the normal state. but several time only ^C is appearing in the terminal and system is not responding.

    do any one have the Solution what to do in that case.

    Thanks in Advance


    Peter Xenomai.

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    Welcome xenomai,

    You may get a better response to this in the programming forum. I have pinged the mods to see if they will move it.

    Other than that, no idea I'm afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    I have pinged the mods to see if they will move it.
    thread moved...

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    It depends entirely on what you are doing in your code. It could be a deadlock between threads, a runaway code loop, waiting for I/O, etc. Have you tried running it in the debugger to see exactly what it is doing, and where it is doing it?
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