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    ctrl_alt_del doesn't work.

    I have built my own very minimal boot disk using the Pocket Linux guide.

    But the key combination ctrl+alt+del doesn't work.
    Also I'm not able to get bash to interpret the /etc/inputrc file even after compiling bash with --enable-readline option.

    So, how do I make bash interpret /etc/inputrc file and other environment variables like PS1, even if I don't have multi-user capabilities?

    Please help.

    Vinuth M Madinur.

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    Ctrl-alt-delete must be defined in /etc/inittab.

    Typical entry:
    ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now
    Good luck

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    I'm not doing this on FC2. I'm doing this on a small rescue disk.
    I already have that entry in my /etc/inittab file.

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    I presume bash is invoked as login shell on your boot disk?

    Bash first reads the file /etc/profile then looks for a user specific file ~/.bash_profile

    I belive there is a nice long chapter about this in the bash man-page.

    Simply put, make .bash_proifle call .bashrc and make .bashrc first call /etc/bashrc and then set your user settings. That will take care of all shells both login and non-login shells.

    Inputrc is read from ~/.inputrc or $INPUTRC.

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