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Thread: checkfs script

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    checkfs script

    Hello, I am fairly new to this site and am new at studying unix/linux OS. Recently I had an assignment involving finding a script that had run an administrative task such as checking file systems periodically. With it, I had to take each line and describe in my own terms what each line was doing. I am actually stumped at the moment and could use any guidance or reference in any direction as to how to proceed and successfully finish in defining each line of script.

    For example, I know that the line outputing -- PN=`basename "$0"` is stating that it assigns a value to the variable PN the tick marks, `, will execute a shell command, and in this statement, store the results in the variable named PN. The basename command is used to change a filename extension

    I am not sure about the rest.

    attached you ind the script
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    i suggest you read more about Linux Shell Scripting and first search in google you get may answers or wait for a guru to read your script reply .
    Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook
    Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
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