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    Porting DLL to shared object using Wine

    I also posted this in the Wine forum as I was not sure which was the best place.

    I have written some software which has a GUI interface on Windows using a DLL, but only a text interface on Linux using a .so file. What I am wondering is if I can use Wine to port the Windows DLL to Linux and have then use the resulting .so instead of my original .so to finish up with a GUI Linux application. My whole UI is inside the DLL/.so and the rest of the application is more or less identical between Linux and Windows.
    If I can do this it will save me a lot of time having to learn X windows programming. I don't think I can use any kind of IDE as I am creating all the resources my own resources from data stored on a relational database.
    I'll probably just set off and see where I get to, but I'd be grateful to hear from anyone else who has experience of porting DLLs to Linux using Wine.

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    At we try to encourage only starting a topic once, in one forum section. This allows for better problem solving because all questions/answers are in one thread rather than being split across 2 threads.

    Anyone wishing to answer this question, please goto this thread:



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