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    Help with Mkfifo and exec

    Hello guys!

    I am doing a project for the university and I have to do that a process has to create several children through fork(). The father process sends a pathname to each one through exec and the children must send to the father a list with the files from each directory.

    The father is waiting and the children don't send anything. I must to do the pipe with mkfifo. I am trying to send text from the children but nothing happens. This is the code that I have wroten:

    struct stat buf;
     mkfifo(NOMBREFIFO, S_IRWXU);
        while (--argc>0){
            stat (argv[argc], &buf);
            if (S_ISDIR(buf.st_mode)){
                pid = fork();
                if (pid<0) fprintf (stderr, "error %d", errno);
                if (pid==0) printf ("hhhhhhhhh");
                if (pid==0 && (exec=execl ("./listarordenado", argv[argc], NULL))<0) fprintf (stderr, "error %d", errno);
                if (pid>0 && wait(&status) && waitpid (pid, &status, 0)){
                    printf ("ssssssssss");
                     while(TRUE) {
                          printf("%d Cadena recibida: %s \n",i, buffer);
    /////***code of listarordenado*//
    for (i=0; i<50; i++){
            if ((fp=open(NOMBREFIFO,O_WRONLY))==-1)
              else {    


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    Hello and Welcome to the forums.
    While we do encourage students to learn Linux as much as they desire, I think this "project" is a homework assignment and is also in violation of forum rules.
    Rule 2) no homework questions.
    If someone answers the question for you, then you really haven't learned anything.
    You may send a PM to any super moderator or trusted penguin if you feel this thread should not be locked.
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