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    Erlang makefile is frustrating

    .SUFFIXES: .erl .beam .yrl

    erlc -W $<

    erlc -W $<

    ERL = erl -boot start_clean

    MODS = chat_client chat_group chat_server io_widget lib_chan lib_chan_auth lib_chan_cs lib_chan_mm mod_chat_controller mod_math

    all: compile

    compile: ${MODS:%=%.beam} subdirs

    cd ./home/steven/erlangPrograms/programming_erlang/socket_dist; make

    rm -rf *.beam erl_crash.dump
    cd ./home/steven/erlangPrograms/programming_erlant/socket_dist; make

    Also I have no idea if this is even right. Can anyone explain to me the syntax or know of any place that gives a clear explanation of it? Or maybe even if there is a manual built in? Honestly have no idea.

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    and the dir that i want to make is shown:

    ./home/steven/erlangPrograms/programming_erlang/socket_dist; make

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