After having used rsync for a few different problems with a lot of success, I wanted to use it to synchonise some user data, we have 2 different sites that have a 10gb fibre connection between the 2, each site has an office server used for authenticating office users as well as storing there data, each server has the same users on it, what i'd like is to have crontab run an every hour or so to merge the 2 sets of data, for redundancy as well as to allow a user to travel to the other site and continue working there, I wrote a script rsync for this but the problem I was getting was that if a user deleted there data at one site it would reappear an hour later as it hadn't been deleted from the other site. Any way I can get it to recognise that it an item was deleted and remove it from the other server instead of adding it back to where it was deleted.
This doesn't have to be done through rsync if there is a usable alternative.