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    bash and /etc/inputrc.

    I have a boot disk which I want to slightly modify.

    It is just like any other boot disk. and contains the minimal commands , libraries and configuration files that are needed for a rescue.

    I just wanted to make bash more friendly to use and not display the wierd "~" whenever I press DEL or PGDWN or PGUP.

    So any methods of doing this ????

    I did info bash and went to readline support in bash and added a /etc/inputrc file from my FC2 distro as mentioned there. But it is not helpful.

    So, kindly do provide some ways of overcomming this problem.

    Thankx in advance.
    Vinuth M Madinur.

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    Not sure about FC2 but usually inputrc is defined to be "emacs mode" so your bash also need to be in "emacs mode" for input synatx.

    Try doing "set -o emacs" in a terminal and test if the keys work.

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