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    [SOLVED] Vim: Find line and insert line below it

    I've been googling and fooling with this for quite some time, and although it seems simple enough, I haven't been able to figure it out.

    I've got data that looks like:

    dn: uid=bob$,ou=Computers,dc=null,dc=com

    I need to find all lines that have "ou=Computers". and go to the end of the line, insert a new line, and put in "objectClass: account" , so the end result would be:

    dn: uid=bob$,ou=Computers,dc=null,dc=com
    objectClass: account

    every time I try to do this I end up creating a new line at the end of "ou=Computers" and bringing the rest of the line down to the new line.

    Could someone please guide me to the correct way of doing this?


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    I would do that with sed but if you need to accomplish it with vim run this command:
    :%s/^\(dn: uid=\w\+\$,ou=\w\+,dc=\w\+,dc=\w\+\m\)$/\1\robjectClass: account/
    If needed, customize the regular expression.
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    You are the man!

    That worked perfectly, now my LDAP loads fine

    My eyes went crossed reading it, but it worked great, thanks again!

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