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    Random selection of variables

    Hi all,

    basically I have a problem with the random selection of variables. Im going to explain fast my code. Basically is a BLackjack, made in QT, and im trying to connect one Button with the movement animation of a RANDOM card selected previously.

    The connection lines are like these:

    QStateMachine *machine = new QStateMachine;

    QState *state1 = new QState(machine);
    state1->assignProperty(c1, "geometry", (QRect(610,190,102,137)));

    there are other lines needed to compile properly, but so far I can explain my problem. The red variable c1, is the card in QT (The A of Spades) but I need to select from all the other cards, so with rand and srand, I can do that with no problems, and lets say I numbered my cards from c1 -> c52 and I got the card c6.

    My question is, how do I "copy" that c6, in that space in red??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Please provide the signature for the QState::assignProperty() method you are using. You say you want the value c6 returned where you show c1?
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