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    Pascal Makefile Problem

    Hello all.
    I have been workin on this makefile for a very long time now and i cannot get it to work.
    The file is for a pascal compiler and we just need to run it for school.
    The files are located in /root/Desktop/epc/ctrl.
    This folder contains a ctrl.h and ctrl.c
    Here is the makefile below:

    CPP = g++
    PROGRAM: ctrl.h ctrl.o
    Ctrl.o ../scanparse/scanparse.h ../p_tree/p_tree.h
    ../symtab/symtab.h ..ctrl/ctrl.h ctrl.C
    ${CPP} -c -g ctrl.C

    This makefile makes a Ctrl.o file for the control part of the pascal compiler.
    However, it gives me an error stating: "No rule to make target 'ctrl.C', needed by ctrl.o. STOP.
    If I take away the ../scanparse/ in front of scanparse.h then I get the same error above just with scanparse.h in it.
    Why won't this file make the ctrl.o like it should.

    Please help me ASAP.
    It is probably a simple error, but i cannot find it.

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    how are you calling the make file? (i.e. "make -what?-")

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    Very long time? The first thing, it seems that you spent 5 minutes on writing the makefile and 5 seconds on writing your post. Now I don't know if this is the source of your problem, by try changing:
    Ctrl.o ../scanparse/scanparse.h ../p_tree/p_tree.h ../symtab/symtab.h ..ctrl/ctrl.h ctrl.C
    Ctrl.o: ../scanparse/scanparse.h ../p_tree/p_tree.h ../symtab/symtab.h ../ctrl/ctrl.h ../ctrl/ctrl.C
    If ctrl.h and ctrl.C are in the same directory then why do you access the first with ../ctrl/ and the second without? On the other hand if the makefile is in the same direcetory as those two files, why bother putting the prefix. (I have a premonition that they aren't)
    The next thing is that "${CPP} -c -g ctrl.C" will produce ctrl.o instead Ctrl.o (see the first letter?). As you perhaps know case is important in linux, so add -o Ctrl.o to the ${CPP} commanline.
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