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    Function call good :) ReturnCode Bad :(

    Hello all,

    I have the following :

    main ()
    int returncode;


    retval = TransHist_Create( merchant_id, &trans_hist_id, transact_id, from_step_id, num_proc, num_succ, num_fail, num_user_err, todays_date, proc_user_id, addendum, getlocalhost(), getpid(), 0, __FILE__, __LINE__, &returncode);


    Now, in the function : TransHist_Create(...., *returncode)
    ....... [snip] ...

    *returncode = 0;
    return 0;


    BUT ..

    in main, the returncode is set to --> 1 <-- ?!?!



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    Hello again,

    I read this here:
    Call by Value and Call by Reference

    But i guess i am still missing something ..

    Can someone please tell me how to pass a value to a function in such a way that a function can change it?

    -> I want to pass in a value called: returncode
    -> Have the function change it
    -> and then review it from the calling program.

    How can this be done?


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    PS - the reason why I am not doing it as :

    return_code = Function()

    is because I have been burned on this. The return code in the function is 0 but the value returned is <> 0.

    So, I was trying something else ...

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    You only posted a snippet of your function call arguments and the actual signature of the function itself. Please post in detail. As someone once said, there be the Devil (in the details)...
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