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Thread: wget help

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    wget help

    So im creating this app for downloading things using wget.

    Now i have seen through a lot of refferences, but i still cant crack the code for success.

    What it needs to do:
    1. download the source script from a site (with url converter on)
    2. find the link with the ending .exe
    3. download said .exe

    im also using dev-c++
    some help please? I know it can be done!

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    can you explain a little better what your trying to do?

    if i understand correctly, you parsing a website, looking for a link with a filename in it and then trying to wget it?

    what i would do, is parse the incoming code, looking for all strings starting with http then read all the characters until you find a space, <, > or \n. then look for the file name in that url, then execute wget using system()

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