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    Unhappy conflicting type / previous declariation ___ was here

    #define TRIP 6
    #include <stdio.h>

    char error_area(char area_code, char S, char M, char L,char N,char P, char K, char R, char C, char U, char W, char O, char T, char F);

    int main(void)

    char area_code, S, M, L, N, P, K, R, C, U, W, O, T, F, checkB;
    char travelarea[TRIP];

    printf("Please select from the following that best describes your destination:\n"); /*area code input*/
    printf("S Small city - population under 50,000\n"); /*Choices for area code*/
    printf("M Medium city - population between 50,000 and 500,000\n");
    printf("L Large city - pop. over 500,000\n");
    printf("N Natural formation like a mountain, a lake, a cave, a geyser, a fjord, a canyon, etc.\n");
    printf("P Designated park or reserve such as a wildlife refuge, a national park, a bioreserve, or a protected marine area\n");
    printf("K Man made landmark like the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, or Stonehenge\n");
    printf("R State or province or region of a country\n");
    printf("C Whole country\n");
    printf("U Multiple countries like traveling through Europe\n");
    printf("W Ocean voyage\n");
    printf("O Any other type of destination - such as visiting the sites of the seven wonders of the world\n");
    printf("Please enter the Area Letter code:");
    scanf(" %c", &area_code);

    checkB = error_area(area_code, S, M, L, N, P, K, R, C, U, W, O, T, F);
    while (checkB == F) /*error loop for error area code*/
    printf("Please re-enter a valid area_code:");
    scanf("% c", &area_code);
    checkB = error_area(area_code, S, M, L, N, P, K, R, C, U, W, O, T, F);
    if (checkB == T)

    error_area(area_code, S, M, L, N, P, K, R, C, U, W, O, Z, T, F) /*area code error check*/

    if ( (area_code == S) || (area_code == M) || (area_code == L) ||(area_code == N) ||(area_code == P) ||(area_code == K) || (area_code == R) ||(area_code == C) || (area_code == U) || (area_code == W) || (area_code == O))
    return T;
    printf("Area code is invalid. (Please make sure code is caplitalize)\n");

    return F ;
    I keep getting these area
    test2.c:46: error: conflicting types for ‚error_area‚
    test2.c:5: error: previous declaration of ‚error_area‚ was here
    I'm not sure why, I've been going through it and maybe its just I'm not seeing it ( this is C)

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    Linux Engineer hazel's Avatar
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    In your function declaration, you specify the return type as char. In the function definition below, you don't specify the return type so the compiler assumes the default type: int. Hence the conflict.
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    Hazel, I LOVE your so succinct and to-the-point answers! Great stuff!
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