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    sourcing a file after redirecting (tcsh)

    Apologies on anything blatantly stupid, I'm still a little new to shell scripting so there are some basic things I'm probably fuzzy on.

    I have written a script that outputs a file with a bunch of aliases. What I want it to do is set those aliases in the same program, but I'm missing some fundamental piece of knowledge that would allow me to do this. While I can source the file from within the program, that clearly does not set the aliases in my current session.

    Basically here's an abbreviated version of my script:
    #!/bin/tcsh -f
    set file = ".$1_$2_aliases"
    echo "## ALIASES FOR $2 ON $1" > $file
    echo "echo SOURCED ALIASES FOR $2 ON $1" >> $file
    echo "alias $3 cd /somedir/$1/somedir/$2/" >> $file
    echo "alias $3 cd /somedir/$1/somedir/$2/somedir" >> $file

    source $file

    How would I make this work so that the aliases actually get set at the end of the program?
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