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    help me choose a software (C / C + +)

    Hello evrybody,
    I like that someone help me choose a software (C / C + +) Open source, for my robotics tasks contol that has the following characteristics:
    -For host: I used Ubuntu .
    -For target: Digilent XUP, processor Leon3 (SPARC) and Linux kernel (2.0 or 2.6).
    I found a software orocos ,but it does not work on my processor architecture Leon3 (SPARC).

    Any help

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    Debian (basis for Ubuntu) works well for embedded type systems. I use it on an ARM architecture board for industrial controls. I use both C and C++ for it, and use either my Ubuntu laptop, or my RHEL (Scientific Linux) workstation as hosts for kernel module development. I build with gcc/g++ directly on the board for application software.
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    RE: The robotics tasks
    Programming in C/C++ is not reflective, unlike PHP for example (that BTW can embed C++ code as well).

    RE: Linux on Leon 3 SPARK
    Take a look at this:
    Linux for LEON processors - Aeroflex Gaisler

    When you arrange your linux platforms search for C++ tools and C++ tools GUI in the repository list (from the Desktop Menu open ->...-> <Add/Remove Software>, and in the search box write: C++).

    Try also the PHP script, which is not developed for AI, but turns to be very convenient for the purpose.

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    Thanks for your help ,but I want a software that I can integrate the embedded linux kernel

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    You could try QEMU to build your target image, then install it onto your target device.

    Here is the QEMU website:
    About - QEMU

    And this link from the QEMU website gives instructions on how to install the SPARC version of Debian Linux onto the virtual target OS.
    Debian on an emulated SPARC machine

    Once you have installed Debian, you can use GCC to do all of your C/C++ programming, compiling everything on the virtual OS.

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