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    cp command -f is not HAPPENING

    What's the deal with this bloody command

    I trying to do an update of a product.

    The -f is suppose to "force" the overwrite of existing files isn't it?

    Well every time I run the command it keeps asking me to allow it to overwrite the files.. the programs is too long for me to sit here hitting the "y" and "enter key"

    there has got to be a better way

    please respond
    thank you

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    I've heard that often the cp command on some distributions will be an alias set to 'cp -i' which is interactive mode. Apparently this sometimes can screw up the command, even when your forcing it. Try referencing the command by it's full path to avoid this.

    /bin/cp -rf source destination
    Please mind that the above command is recursive.

    Just an idea. I hope it helps. If it does, you may wish to remove the alias. Check out your .bashrc and delete it.

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    I ended up using the "mv" command. What a bummer the "cp" command is

    I will keep this in mind thanks

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