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    Make system call from an automatically started daemon...

    Hi, i've the following problem :

    i've written small tool in C which makes measurements on my router (OpenWrt White Russian).

    It is working as a deamon. If the tool is started manually, everything works fine.
    If it is started per script on startup, the following system call doesn't work :

    sprintf(command,"/bin/cat /root/%s%s | /usr/bin/ssh -p2222 user(at)host -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa \"/bin/cat >> result/%s%s\"", apmac, source, apmac, dest);
    rc = system (command);
    the returned rc in this case is 256.

    first i thought it is a problems with the user rights for the tool, so i have added +s to it. but that didn't help. as i said, when the daemon is started by hand, the system call works fine.

    any suggestions ?

    thanks !

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    It might be user rights for the "result/apmacdest" file to which you append. Either the directory doesn't exist, or you don't have write permissions. Shouldn't you instead append to a file in "/var/log"?

    It could also be possible that "ssh" requires services that are not yet available at start-up time. Make sure the script that executes your program is in the correct runlevel and executes after all necessary services have started. If your Linux supports a "system services" interface, write a service to execute your program, make this service dependent on ssh client services.

    Also, consider writing debug code like:
    fprintf(stderr, "MY_PROGRAM: %s\n", strerror(errno));
    then grep for "MY_PROGRAM" in /var/log/messages

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