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    Allowing https/samba/nfs4 in firewall with kickstart

    I'm trying to setup a kickstart installation and having some trouble with firewall settings. When you do a manual install it gives you the option on first boot to allow https, samba, and nfs4 in the firewall. I have as yet been unable to find the options for doing this in kickstart. Here is my current firewall line:

    firewall --enabled --http --ftp --ssh --smtp --trust=eth0

    I have tried just adding --https but it errors on me. Am I just missing the keywords to set these up? I have looked but i can't find keywords for any services except telnet that are not already included in my firewall line. Should i be trying to do this with iptables in post rather than in the kickstart itself?

    If i should be doing this in post through iptables any resources you can point me towards where i could read up would be useful. Any suggestions at all would be appreciated.

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    Post Solved

    In retrospect I guess this was a silly question. You need to open up the ports directly in the ks.cfg.
    For https add --port=443:tcp
    for samba add --port=135:tcp etc
    137 udp
    138 udp
    139 tcp
    445 tcp
    Haven't looked up nfs yet, but google for the ports it uses and add those as well.

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