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    Problems with Fortran 90 NR

    Hey guys,

    I'm having issues using some of the Fortran 90 Numerical Recipe modules. Specifically I just wanted to try use the hello_bessel program on page 936. The code for the program is as follows:

          PROGRAM hello_bessel
          USE nrtype
          USE nr, ONLY: flmoon, bessj0
          INTEGER(I4B) :: n=200,nph=2,jd
          REAL(SP) :: x,frac,ans
          call flmoon(n,nph,jd,frac)
          write(*,*) 'Hello, Bessel: ', ans
          END PROGRAM
    the nr module is very long but the flmoon and the bessj0 interfaces look like this:

                  SUBROUTINE flmoon(n,nph,jd,frac)
                  USE nrtype
                  INTEGER(I4B), INTENT(IN) :: n,nph
                  INTEGER(I4B), INTENT(OUT) :: jd
                  REAL(SP), INTENT(OUT) :: frac
                  END SUBROUTINE flmoon
         INTERFACE bessj0
                  FUNCTION bessj0_s(x)
                  USE nrtype
                  REAL(SP), INTENT(IN) :: x
                  REAL(SP) :: bessj0_s
                  END FUNCTION bessj0_s
                  FUNCTION bessj0_v(x)
                  USE nrtype
                  REAL(SP), DIMENSION(:), INTENT(IN) :: x
                  REAL(SP), DIMENSION(size(x)) :: bessj0_v
                  END FUNCTION bessj0_v
    When I try and compile I've tried a number of different commands but I'm pretty sure the right way to do it would be to do:

    ifort nrtype.f90 nr.f90 hello_bessel.f90
    But whenever I do that I get:

    /tmp/ifortzYtJmW.o(.text+0x2f): In function `MAIN__':
    : undefined reference to `flmoon_'
    /tmp/ifortzYtJmW.o(.text+0x54): In function `MAIN__':
    : undefined reference to `bessj0_s_'

    Any suggestions on where I'm going wrong?

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    I'm not familiar with ifort - is that an Intel compiler? Usually I and my physicist wife use the gnu f77 compiler. Have you tried that?
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    I created stub routines for flmoon, and bessj0_[sv] based on the interfaces. Here is a driver script that shows the high points:
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    # @(#) s1	Demonstrate compile with ifort, link, stub, execute.
    # Utility functions: print-as-echo, print-line-with-visual-space, debug.
    # export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin"
    pe() { for _i;do printf "%s" "$_i";done; printf "\n"; }
    pl() { pe;pe "-----" ;pe "$*"; }
    db() { ( printf " db, ";for _i;do printf "%s" "$_i";done;printf "\n" ) >&2 ; }
    db() { : ; }
    C=$HOME/bin/context && [ -f $C ] && $C
    version ifort
    rm -f *.o *.mod a.out
    pl " Source files present:"
    ls *.f90
    pl " Sample stub, flmoon.f90:"
    cat flmoon.f90
    pl " Compile, link:"
    ifort nrtype.f90 nr.f90 hello_bessel.f90 bessj0_s.f90 bessj0_v.f90 flmoon.f90
    pl " Results:"
    # Cleanup.
    rm -f *.o *.mod a.out
    exit 0
    % ./s1
    Environment: LC_ALL = C, LANG = C
    (Versions displayed with local utility "version")
    OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.26-2-amd64, x86_64
    Distribution        : Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.8 (lenny) 
    GNU bash 3.2.39
    ifort (IFORT) 11.1 20090827
     Source files present:
    bessj0_s.f90  bessj0_v.f90  flmoon.f90	hello_bessel.f90  nr.f90  nrtype.f90
     Sample stub, flmoon.f90:
    	  SUBROUTINE flmoon(n,nph,jd,frac)
    	  USE nrtype
    	  INTEGER(I4B), INTENT(IN) :: n,nph
    	  INTEGER(I4B), INTENT(OUT) :: jd
    	  REAL(SP), INTENT(OUT) :: frac
    	  jd =0
    	  frac = 0.0
    	  END SUBROUTINE flmoon
     Compile, link:
     Hello, Bessel:   0.000000000000000E+000
    So if your results are missing routines, how is my procedure different from yours? Perhaps that mine included the compile of flmoon, etc? ... cheers, drl
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