In my root directory i have folder1, folder2, folder3. The folder1 has folder1.1, folder1.2, folder1.3 subdirectories. Similary folder2 has folder2.1, folder2.2, folder2.3 etc. Same for rest of the folders. I have many such folders like folder4, folder5.......upto folder30 in my root directory.

I have files with several extensions like *.txt, *.tmp, *.mp3, *.rm, *.exe, *.i etc. in all these folders.

So i want to delete all files except *.txt and *.exe from all the folders except folder1 from root directory. In otherwords i want all files (except *.txt and *.exe) to be deleted from folder2, folder3......upto folder30. Any files in Folder1 should not be deleted.

Please give me a linux command for this.