Hello there I',m working in a script to filter with squid using:

external_acl_type myAclType %SRC %URI /home/konrad/testing/myexternalacltype.pl
acl MyAcl external myAclType
http_access allow MyAcl

this is the script i have and for some reason its not working :

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
open(STDERR, ">/tmp/external_acl.log");
select(STDERR); $| = 1; # make unbuffered
select(STDOUT); $| = 1; # make unbuffered
print STDERR "INI: $$\n\n";;

use MIME::Base64 ();
while (<>) {
print STDERR "<--- $_\n\n";;
print "ERR\n";

I hope this script to reject all pages, but the problem its that it accepts all.

Hope someone could lend me some help with this, thanks
(sorry for the bad english