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    determining how full a named pipe is

    I believe that named pipes have a maximum size - as I recall the max size increased via some recent kernel release.

    Anyway - my application is I have a task that connects with a remote server and receives lines of text... I process the text and send it on to another task on my server that parses the text and makes some database entries.

    I would like to monitor the 'fullness' of the named pipe because if it starts to get to the point of being full I'd like to know - I may be able to throttle the data rate from the upstream server or I may decide to use more than one pipe but without knowing if there is a problem.....

    So how do I monitor the named pipe? Much of my work uses php 5.3 but a native linux solution or something in c++ would be ok. I'm using Ubuntu 11 server

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    Hello Roy,

    Look up the select() man entry.

    This will enable you to determine if the pipe is available to write to.

    Set up the pipe as non-blocking. You can then test the result of any "write" you attempt. If you get the error "EWOULDBLOCK", then the pipe is unable to handle the current write.

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    Thanks - I'll give that a try.

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