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    Question Command for total number of files (and size) across subdirectories?

    Hi all...

    I have a directory called dbrn. This directory contains an unknown number of subdirectories which in turn contain an unknown number of files.

    What I want to know is:

    How many files with extention .ABC can be found in /dbrn across all subdirecties, and what is the total size for all files with extention .ABC

    I know how to do this if all files are in the root folder, but not if the files are scattered across subdirectories.

    Anyone any idea on what command (with what parameters) to use to accomplish the above?


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    Try this
    find /dbrn -type f -name "*.ABC" -print0 | du -c --files0-from=-
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    Another alternative that gives just the number of the file

    Quote Originally Posted by Irithori View Post
    Try this
    find /dbrn -type f -name "*.ABC" -print0 | du -c --files0-from=-
    Quote Originally Posted by tdsan View Post
    Or if you are just interested in the total size, use this
    find /dbrn -type f -name "*.ABC" -exec ls -l {} \; | awk '{ SUM += $5 } END { print SUM/1024 }'

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