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    How to initialize CAN controller in Embedded linux based cobra5329

    Dear Members,

    I am currently working on

    COBRA5329 Embedded linux based BSP based on MCF5329
    coldfire microprocessor

    You can find the hardware specification here .... as I am not allowed yet to post url here

    I have the Evaluation kit of this and I have to do some measurements with the CAN Controller, for this I need to do some CAN communication .

    I just know that to initialize it I have to use some of the built in CAN libraries of the board, but I don't have any idea how to it related with to the software side as no documentation regarding this is provided from the manufacturer or the software company

    Can any body who have some experience with the CAN communication before can tell help me in this issue as I need the measurements urgently for the running project

    Thanks and waiting for the reply

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    If there is no documentation from the companies involved, and you cannot contact their tech support people for help, then you need to get the appropriate development packages and kernel source from them. With the development packages, you at least can look at the header files for API listings and such. The kernel source for the CAN device drivers will provide more information how they communicate directly to the CAN board devices. Without this information, there isn't much anyone can do to help here, I do believe. After all, helping people with these sort of commercial problems is what a lot of us do for a living (I am a software engineering consultant with 30+ years working with embedded systems and most every sort of network known - I have even taught data communication and networking at the college level).
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    I found one of the pdf document which might be helpfulf as at the end there are some Appendix F Source Files of the Example Application which include

    Can.c , can.h and can4linux.h etc but I dont know how to use these ones .

    I am not allowed to paste the link yet here. to see that pdf document you can just search on google for

    " FlexCAN AND MCF5329 AND can0 "

    and there will be the documnet on the first page most probablyfrom the freescale semiconductors with the title

    " Building a Sample CGI Application " with the Document Number: AN3408

    you can find all helping source code at the appendix of this document

    I think firstly I have to make sure about the can4linux driver for my board and then I have to move forward for further things but i really dont have any idea about all this stuff

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