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    Problem removing new lines

    I am trying to remove all new line characters from a document downloaded from wget, but every time it reads a <br> tag, it is unable to remove the new line character. I have tried removing the <br> tags before removing the new lines using these methods:

    PHP Code:
    cat days.txt tr -'\n'
    cat days.txt awk '{ printf "%s", $0 }'
    cat days.txt sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n//g' 
    still didn't work. please help, sos,

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    I'm not at my computer to test it but try:
    awk -F\n '{print $1}' days.txt

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    Quote Originally Posted by histrungalot View Post
    I'm not at my computer to test it but try:
    awk -F\n '{print $1}' days.txt
    negative, no effect

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    Can you post the result of:

    [user@localhost]$ file days.txt

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    You don't have a dos2unix issue? 0xa vs 0xb 0xa

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    it's acctually not days.txt, it's yanswer and "file ~/yanswer" returned this:
    yanswer: HTML document text

    i don't believe it's a dos2unix issue, i think it's just something invisible that get's added when there is a <br> present in the code of the file.

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    Use od -c -A x -tx1 yanswer to see if there is something there

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    it returned a very long list of characters, what exactly am i looking for?

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    Look for the <br> and see what values are after it. For linux the '\n' is a 0x0a and windows its 0x0a 0x0d.
    So you are just checking to see that the '\n' is just char.
    You should see something like:

    0000: ... 3C 62 72 3E ?? ?? <- Where the ?? are what is coming after the <br> tab.
    < b r >

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    ty, it seems there is an extra character "\r" that was causing the line to end and a new one to begin. simple sed command removed it and all is well, thanks for the help guys

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