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    Writing HTML with script

    So I am trying to learn the Bash shell and I am learning through this site and I've gotten stuck on trying to write an HTML file with a script.
    I am on this lesson right now linuxcommand .org [the 3rd lesson on writing a HTML in shell] and do not understand when it says how to use the script you.....

    ubuntu$ make_page > page.html

    It gets fuzzy about this part and I don't understand, any elaboration on this would be greatly appreciated

    Also if you have any other sites that could help me learn the shell that'd be cool, theres just so much out there and I don't know where to start

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    The make_page is the name of the script that is display above in the text box. If you create a file named make_page and paste in the stuff above and then run the command:
    chmod 777 make_page
    You can run the script like:
    And see the output come to the screen.
    If you use the > it just redirects the output from the screen to a file which in this case is page.html.
    If you type at the command line:
    cat page.html
    You will see the output of the script

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    Cool, thanks alot, that makes more sense!

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