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Thread: C++ GUI libs?

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    C++ GUI libs?

    I know there are things out there like GTK and QT, but I'd prefer to keep it simple and simply add a few more includes to my files. Is there anywhere that has some libs that I can simply download? I know where to put them.

    Also, I've tried looking for these on my own, but all I found were countless threads full of people going "use QT and GTK", so I'm not sure what else is out there.

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    I don't entirely understand your question. All libraries are simply downloaded and put into a standard location, Gtk and Qt included. So I'm going to reiterate the advice you've already heard: use Gtk or Qt.

    GUI libraries are almost by definition very complicated. There are certainly other options than Gtk and Qt out there, but the only one I would even slightly recommend is wxWidgets. I don't really understand what you're looking for: if you explain a bit more, maybe we can help you further.

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    All C++ GUI code is based fundamentally upon X Windows, with the Xlib API's, although there may be several layers on top of that, and other API's such as Motif, Qt, GTK, Wx, etc. Writing code directly to X or Motif is very difficult and takes a lot of time to master. API's such as Qt, GTK, GTK+, and Wx are intended to make your life easier when coding GUI applications on Unix or Linux. A lot of applications use Qt or Wx because they also support other windowing systems such as MS Windows, allowing a single application to be built that will run on Windows, Linux/Unix, and a number of mobile operating systems by being recompiled for the target environment.

    So, keeping it simple is not simple. Try Qt or Wx. Qt has some nice tools that make GUI programming a lot easier and works well in a C++ environment. I think GTK and its derivatives are more difficult to use, but probably give you finer control over the results.
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