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    Help with script

    echo type first file name
    read x
    echo type second file name
    read y
    a=$(stat -c%s $x)
    b=$(stat -c%s $y)
    if '[' "$a" -gt "$b" ']'
    echo "File $x larger "
    elif  '[' "$b" -gt "$a" ']'
    echo "File $y larger "
    echo "Both files are equal"
    This is script which compares file sizes and shows which is bigger. The question is. How i can make script search for files in whole hard disk not only in directory in which i work.

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    Sorry, but as you've already had pointed out to you, homework questions are not allowed. You perhaps want to take a look at the man page for the 'find' command, or ask your tutor.
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