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Thread: A "clone" doubt

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    Angry A "clone" doubt

    int fn(void *a)
            int *p;
            printf("Value of a is = %d",*p);
            return 0;
    int main()
            int *i,a=125;
            pid_t child;
            printf("\n This is parent with id : %d",getppid());
            printf("\n Got the child id as : %d",child);
            return 0;
    In the above program, In function "fun()" the first printf statement (i.e, printing the value of a) is not printing anything in the screen. If i give the second printf(simply a new line) i'm getting the output.

    1. can anyone explain me why?

    2. My friends are telling that I should not use "printf", if I create a process by using "clone()". They are telling me to use "write()" instead.
    If they are telling the correct answer, also explain me why I should not use printf in clone?
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