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    how to find numbers in string

    hi, I want find numbers in string. its simple task, but I need to find numbers bigger then 9 too. my english is quite bad so I give you example for understand: from string "a20b1++q140" script find numbers x[0]=20 x[1]=1 x[2]=140. can somebody help me with that?

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    Hi Giuseppe,

    it would look to me that you've got the numbers already parsed. But what do you want to do with them?

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    thanks for answer
    no, that was only example what script would have to do, but I have problem to code script for it. sorry, I wrote it bad..

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    I'd use bash built-in arrays and sed, e.g.:

    declare -a array
    array=($(echo $string|sed -e 's/[^0-9]/ /g'))
    echo Number of numbers found: ${#array[*]}
    echo "first number:  ${array[0]}"
    echo "second number: ${array[1]}"
    echo "third number:  ${array[2]}"
    echo "fourth number: ${array[3]}"

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