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I see that you are using the mpt2sas driver, so I assume you are using some sort of an LSI SAS card? And by "slots", you mean ports on the card? Or something else? In any event, that driver should make available the following directory:


You can check there to see if devices are enumerated individually, maybe. see this thread, that's where I got the idea.
After switching to Ubuntu 12 from centos (for a later version of hdparm for secure erase), I am now using the udevadm command which outputs the DEVPATH.
From the devpath you can stick /sys/ in front and take the path up to the 'port-x:x/' (remove the rest)
Using that path created, if you go there you will find a link/pointer directory to phy-x:x
This pointer name correctly tells you the physical position/port of the drive, with the first x representing which hba, and the second x representing the index or slot the device uses in the card.

Hopefully this will help anyone doing the same thing in future.
Special thanks to atreyu as without your suggestions I would never have discovered this.