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    Smile Can a file notify(signal or invock) a program ,if yes how?

    Hello Helpfull Members,

    When ever C program exectues it produces error or executes sucessfully. If it produces error i am redirecting the error to a file error.log. I want a Signal (notification) to be generated as soon as a write action takes place on error.log, this signal should invoke another program say, Parser.c which will read the error.log copy into buffer and clear the contents of log file.

    Is it possible that a file generates a signal to invoke another program if yes then how can we achive it programitacally.

    Kindly help me with this problem.
    thanks in advance
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    I'm not exactlly sure what you need.

    So you have program A running. If find an error you pipe it to error.log. So you want as soon as you write something into error.log for some program B to start reading it?
    Why don't you just, after your done writing to errror.log call another function that forks your process and usses the system function on your B exectuable.

    See this for more details on fork and system:

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    File events can be noticed via inotify . Take look at this Monitor Linux file system events with inotify

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