I'm trying to combine Net::RawIP and LWP::UserAgent to send some spoofed requests to my website.

But it seems from the results that the script creates two packets:
-a spoofed one --> from the Net::RawIP /with spoofed source IP/
-a normal one --> from the LWP::UserAgent /with my real IP as source IP/

// sniffed via TSHARK.

Here is the source code:
use warnings;
use strict;
use Net::RawIP;
use LWP::UserAgent;

my $url = 'mysite';

my $packet = Net::RawIP->new;

ip=> {saddr=> "", daddr => "mysite"},
tcp=> {source=> 4040, dest=> 80, psh=> 1, syn=> 1,
data=> LWP::UserAgent->new->get($url) }

$packet->ethset(source => '00:1A:4D:4C:B9:30', dest => '00:30:88:1a:22:a1');

Need help/ working examples..

Thanks in advance