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    Lightbulb Is there a ownership to deny access?

    Is there a ownership for a directory that I could use to deny access to the contents or from at least editing them? I set the access permissions to 000 I do this in the bash as follows

    chmod 000 /var/mobile/Documents/Archives
    chown root:nobody /var/mobile/Documents/Archives
    What would I need to do to make sure no one can access the directory contents and edit the contents which ever is the easiest?

    How would someone go about setting a password for this because I know .htaccess and .htpasswd don't work for mobile I've done tried?

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    setting a dir/file to 000 would prevent read/write/execute permissions for all users, except root. if they have root, they can do anything.

    if they are not root, but they have access to a 000 dir/file, this not a native Linux filesystem?

    why do you mention .htaccess/.htpasswd files? they are for restricting access to a directory or file being served by a web server.

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    Man pages are your friend.

    chmod a-rw /var/mobile/Documents/Archives
    This will deny read-write access to everyone.

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