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    user XXXX does not exist - using root?

    In makefile, i used 'install' command as below

    command:'install -o 1010 -g 100 -m 0755 -D path'

    instead of checking user name and group name i would like to check uid and gid.

    is this possible????

    Consider the following scenario.

    Step 1:

    System 1: User corresponding to UID 1010 is “XXXX”.
    Using “System 1” create RPM installer.

    Step 2:

    System 2: User corresponding to UID 1010 is “YYYY”
    While installing RPM file we get a warning message saying “warning: user XXXX does not exist – using root”

    In this step i assume the logged in user’s UID should be equal to “1010” for the RPM installer to install successfully. But what actually happens is, the RPM installer expects the user name to be equal in the installation system
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    Yes, just write the username/groupname instead of uid/gid
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