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    Total No.of CPU cores when Hyper threading enabled on linux servers


    Can any one please let me know how to caluculate the total number of CPU cores(Physical and Logical) when HT is enabled on any linux servers.


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    With HT enabled, total "virtual" cores == physical cores x 2. If you have a 4 core cpu, HT will give you 8 virtual cores. FWIW, this is only useful for multi-threaded applications, such as Java. You still only have 4 cores, but there are additional registers that are used to support more threads efficiently. However, HT does NOT give you more processing power - just more registers to squeeze out the last bit of performance available.
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    have a look at these commands:
    cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep core\ id
    cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep processor
    cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep physical\ id
    on my Dual-Core, Hyperthreaded D510 processor (4 "virtual" CPUs), i get:
    core id         : 0
    core id         : 1
    core id         : 0
    core id         : 1
    processor       : 0
    processor       : 1
    processor       : 2
    processor       : 3
    physical id     : 0
    physical id     : 0
    physical id     : 0
    physical id     : 0

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    Thanks for your help.

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