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    grep -f is very slow

    Hi all,
    I'm new here and I hope someone could help me find a better solution to my problem.
    I need to parse the log files (compressed) looking for certain patterns. I use the following one-liner:

    zgrep -h -f patterns.txt logs*.gz
    The problem is that's it's very slow. The compressed logs are 180GB large, and at the rate I'm seeing, it will take 3 weeks to complete the search.

    There are about 30 patterns in the patterns.txt file. A zgrep for one pattern (without -f option) completes in about 2 hours, but when using -f option it will take much more than 30 times longer.

    Is there a better solution to this problem?

    zgrep did not allow me to use -F (fixed strings option), maybe it would run faster if I used grep -F?

    Running on RHEL5.6

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    You may get faster results by limiting your search with "head" or "tail", or by filtering by date. This webpage goes into pretty exhaustive detail about searching large log files: 10 Awesome Examples for Viewing Huge Log Files in Unix

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    Lightbulb Use zfgrep

    I found the solution to this. Initially I got the following error when running zgrep -F (fixed strings):

    $ zgrep -h -F -f patterns.txt logs*.gz >/tmp/result.txt
    egrep: conflicting matchers specified
    Aparently zgrep, by default tries to use egrep which does not like the -F option. But, there is a zfgrep command too. It uses fgrep by default:

    $ zfgrep -h -f patterns.txt logs*.gz >/tmp/result.txt
    With this, my log search finishes in under an hour, instead of a few weeks

    BTW: I could not reproduce that error message on my home computer (Ubuntu 12.04). Ubuntu has a different zgrep version than RHEL, which accepts -F option happily.

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