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    Using linux tools to refactor code


    I'm in need of some code refactoring, because I made some bade decisions on function names. It are not functions used on one or two places but through my entire project. Now, since I don't use an IDE like netbeans or something similar I have to refactor them manually. I was hoping that there is some tool for linux to automate this process. Using grep or some ctags based tool..

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    If all you're doing is a simple method and/or class rename, then you can use grep to find where the names are used, then use gedit or kate to do a search and replace inside each file. Just don't forget to check (using grep again) that the new method name you're going to apply isn't already in use for something else. That's how I'd do it if I weren't using an IDE.
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    Depending on language, there are a few ways of doing this.

    One way that pops into my mind for C, at least, is to use cscope. This lets you find every place in your code that calls a function: you could manually rename all of these.

    You could also probably just hook into sed or something. If we assume that "func(" always indicates calling func, the sed is pretty straightforward to replace the function name. However, you need to be careful of things like this when in quotes.

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    I wrote a small Java application which searches through my entire source tree and replaces every instance. I will publish it if you guys like it, after i fixed some bugs with hidden characters. Because it currently destroys your git/svn repository due to the fact that it also searches in hidden directories.


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