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Thread: HTML Troubles

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    HTML Troubles

    For webdevelopment my school suggested using Linux. They said there would be more possibilities.

    But know I have a problem. On Windows 7 my webpages functions properly, but when I open my webpages on Linux everything is wrong. Images are not shown, and my whole CSS is gone..
    On both windows 7 and linux I use Chrome, so I wouldn't see any problems. I have tried some other browsers too, but it just doesn't seem to work.

    Can anyone tell me why i can't view my HTML 5 pages in linux the way i programmed them in windows?


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    Hello and Welcome.
    While we can't directly help you with the school work because that is against forum rules, we can offer suggestions. I'd suggest that you are missing some folders or files on the Linux side. You can view them with Windows because they may be cached or the folders/files are all in the correct places. Good Luck and do let us know if this helps or not.
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    I am using a Dropbox folder for my projects. Everything is on the same place. And I have used relative paths. So everything is linked correctly to the files and folders

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    Perhaps it's because windows does stuff like
    <a href="foldera\folderb\bla.css"></a>
    and unix does it like...
    <a href="foldera/folderb/bla.css"></a>
    Check to see what it looks like in firefox too, though. Which linux distro did you choose? You're not using linux as a server, you're using it as a desktop. To get a good desktop experience, you'd probably end up going with LinuxMint or Ubutu (probably others could be listed too). For a straight up server, if you went with just plain Debian, you'd have done yourself a favor, but you're using linux as though it's just a client for viewing things, you're not hosting any kind of service with it right now.

    Regardless of what the problem is, what your school may have meant by "possibilities" was in terms of being able to actually serve the page through a web server, use PHP, user rails, use python, etc.; not view the file locally with chrome. I'm half lawling right now because odds are (and this is based on personal exp) if you're in the US and in highschool, your teachers are more than likely just talking out of there ass more than half the time and don't know what they're saying or how to help you in the first place.

    Do you have any interest in learning how web servers work? If not, then there's no need to go down the linux path (considering, Aptana, chrome/firefox/opera's stunning windows support and testing, winscp, DirectX, Assumed Driver Compatibility etc.). If you are interested, then you might get a kick out of installing nginx as your web server. I wrote a tut on that like a year ago that might help you out. Nginx is srs bzns srsly and can weather any webstorm that comes its way. Its also much lower profile than other webservers in its class (see apache) and so you can deploy it on budget VPS systems without having to pay for extra resources. I've never heard of anyone using nginx on windows so, lol, that's one extra possibility for you. Using chrome on linux as opposed to windows isn't going to be very helpful to you at all.

    For my tut... (I don't have enough posts to link anywhere)
    Google: installing mysql, a web server named nginx, and PHP in debian

    Also, if you switch from dropbox to github, it's that much easier for others to help you on the web (and to deploy for your own needs).

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