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Thread: Tracing Threads

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    Question Tracing Threads


    I have written a multithreaded program which seems to take lots of CPU time. When I do top, I see that it is taking 97% of CPU time.

    How can I trace which thread is taking most of the time?

    The code is:
    int main(int argc, char **argv)
    int i; // Create Threads for(i=0; threads_table[i].fct != NULL; ++i) {
    if(pthread_create (&threads_table[i].thread_id, NULL, (void*) threads_table[i].fct, (void*) &(threads_table[i].args))!=0){ perror("pthread_create"); exit(1);
    } } // Make sure the threads finished. for(i=0; threads_table[i].fct != NULL; ++i){
    if(pthread_join (threads_table[i].thread_id, NULL)!=0){ perror("pthread_join"); exit(1); }
    } //Should never get here return 0;

    Each thread does the same thing:

    void thread1(void *param)
    THREAD_ARGUMENTS_T* p = (THREAD_ARGUMENTS_T*) param; // Loop Forever while (1) {
    Thread_Sleep(p); // .. do something
    I created the Thread_Sleep() function: int Thread_Sleep(THREAD_ARGUMENTS_T* p) {
    //Time start timer_elapsed_t t_start; // Time Now timer_elapsed_t t_now; // Time difference long time_diff_ms = 0, sleep_time_remaining = 0; // Grab Time Start Timer_Read_Elapsed_Time(&t_start); do {
    long time_diff_sec = 0; // Grab Time Now Timer_Read_Elapsed_Time(&t_now); // Calculate time difference time_diff_ms = Timer_Difference_ms (&t_start, &t_now); // Make sure not to sleep forever // Time remaining sleep_time_remaining = ((p->sleep_time_ms < time_diff_ms) ? 0 : (p->sleep_time_ms - time_diff_ms)) ; // Sleep usleep((sleep_time_remaining*1000)); // check
    } while (sleep_time_remaining > 0); return 1;

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    Just a wild guess but wouldn't a debugger work here?
    GDB should be available in your repos as well as other debuggers also.
    GDB: The GNU Project Debugger
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