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    Copy files by creation time and specific conditions

    What is the most effective bash script according to performance to find and copy files from one LINUX server to another using specifications described below.

    I need to get a bash script which finds only new files created in server A in directories with name "Z" between interval from 0 to 10 minutes ago. Then transfer them to server B. I think it can be done by formatting a query and executing it for each founded new file scp /X/Y.../Z/file root[eta]hostname:/X/Y.../Z/ If script finds no such remote path on server B it will continue copying second file which directory exists. File should be copied with permissions, group, owner and creation time.

    X/Y... are various directories path. I want setup a cron job to execute this script every 10 minutes. So the performance is very important in this case.

    Thank you.

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    I would advise against cron here.
    Because on each run, the whole directory tree needs to be read and a filelist is generated, which is very IO heavy.
    Instead, use lsyncd

    lsyncd is based on inotify, so you can act on hooks like write/close.
    There is also logic to gather changes for some time in order to minimize the number of sync runs.
    Your requirement of filenamechecking can be met also, even complex logic is possible via lua.

    One downside is, that this fails if one of the machines or the network is down.
    To recover from that and prevent inconsistencies, you could have additional "full" runs once a day, which sync the directories on both machines, regardless of timestamps.
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    Ok, I forgtot that cron should list directory first. But does Lsync or Unison can copy just files which have changed 10 minutes ago?

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