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    troubles locating sources and downloading it


    I'm looking for OMAP xloader.
    I've found some TI wiki that talks about it (the first link when googling for "xloader ti nor flash").
    It talks about applying a patch to the original sources, but I couldn't understand where to find to the original sources and how to download it.
    I also saw that the patch is file in which each at every line start there is (+) or (-).
    What should I do with it?
    How can I apply the patch?
    As far as I understand (and it is not much) the sources are located in some git web server and can be downloaded from there. Is it correct?
    If it is, how can I download it?

    Thanks a lot

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    troubles locating sources and downloading it
    Good day, tallu

    Since this is not a Hardware / Peripherals issue, you'd get better exposure for your question if you would ask one of the Mods/TPs to move your thread to a more appropriate forum.

    Edit: okay, it appears that someone has moved it to the Programming Forum for you.
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