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    Sync folders across two remote servers or machines

    Can someone help me creating a script that will sync the folders between 2 servers such that if we delete any file on either of the machine, the other should reflect the same.

    I will be using a cronjob to run the script daily.

    rsync -parv user@server1:source/ user@server2:destination/
    The above command will only sync the source folder on server1 to destination folder on server2.

    Now on any given day if I delete a huge file from destination folder (as I dont need it anymore) and if the cronjob gets executed, the huge file in source folder will again be copied over to destination.

    I need to avoid this. In the above case, the script should delete the huge file from source folder.

    I think unison would be helpful here but how to integrate it within a bash script.

    Else, how can we do it with rsync itself?

    Thanks in advance. .

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    for rsync, try the --delete option. See this helpful article:

    How to Backup Linux? 15 rsync Command Examples

    Example 10 discusses what you're talking about, I think.

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